By sending a request for a reservation and confirming it by the Hotel, a contract arises between us and you, which is regulated by what is written in these GTC and the Bulgarian legislation is applied.

To make a reservation you need to provide a name, address and telephone number.

Before submitting a Reservation Request, it is the user"s responsibility to familiarize himself with the General Terms and Conditions for Hotel Reservation of D&D 2010 AD.

The user must agree and accept these terms. If he does not accept the General Terms and Conditions for accommodation and provision of additional services, his application will not be considered.


The reservation becomes a fact after receiving an advance payment to the hotel account. In the absence of such 24h. after the request and confirmation of availability, the commitment to accommodate the hotel is canceled and you must again send a request for availability. We make an exception to this condition in the case when the client has indicated the exact date of payment and has received the consent of the hotel.

Arrival and departure policy

    Check-in time - after 14:00
    Release time - 12:00

Possibility for accommodation before 14:00. please contact the reservation department.

Guests wishing to vacate their room between 12:00 and 17:00 pay an additional 40.00 BGN, but only after confirmation by the hotel of this possibility.

Check-out after 17:00 is charged for one full night, but only after confirmation by the hotel.

Cancellation policy

    To make a reservation you need to pay a deposit of 40% of the value of the reservation. The deposit can be paid in

    number or by bank transfer, as fees and commissions on transfers remain at the expense of the client.
    In case of cancellation up to 14 days before the date of accommodation, the penalty is one night, and the rest of the amount is returned to the bank account specified by you.
    Changes to the reservation can be made up to 14 days before check-in, and the change is confirmed if possible by the hotel.
    In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the date of accommodation or in case of non-arrival on the date, the amount paid for the reservation is not refundable.


All complaints related to the quality of the services provided by the Hotel must be submitted by the client on site at the hotel in order to eliminate them. The request is made in writing. Within 3 working days after submitting the complaint, the client will receive the official opinion on the issue from the Hotel Manager.

Family Hotel "St. Dimitar" is not responsible for lost, forgotten or stolen items from the rooms, restaurant or pool, as well as for damage caused by third parties or weather conditions. Each guest can use the safe at the reception for a fee of BGN 3 / day.


The hotel offers a shuttle service to / from Bourgas Airport.

Price for 3 people BGN 95. in one direction. For less than three, the price remains the same. For more than 3 people the price is * 35 BGN. per person in one direction.

Parking - free of charge.


Dear guests,


    the import of unpackaged food in the rooms / fish, pizza, chicken, bread, sausages, cheeses, etc./, except in the cases of using room services. An exception is food for babies, as well as people with a special diet.
    the removal of food and drinks from the buffet of the restaurant, except in cases after obtaining the consent of the hotel manager.
    the introduction of inflatable equipment in the rooms and corridors of the hotel, which is in accordance with the ordinance on fire safety, which obliges us, during evacuation, all exits to be free of objects hindering movement.
    The import and use in the rooms of heating appliances for cooking, coffee makers and irons. If you wish to use an iron, please contact the reception.
    The export of all kinds of property / towel, bed linen and utensils /.
    Indoor smoking is absolutely forbidden.


    The guests in the hotel are materially (financially) responsible for damaged and lost property of the hotel.

    broken or missing glass - BGN 3.
    broken or missing ashtray - BGN 3.
    missing, damaged towel and bed linen - BGN 10 / pc.
    lost or damaged key card - BGN 15 / pc.
    all established damages and damaged integrity of the furniture and equipment are paid in triple amount of the market price.

    When leaving the room, close the window, lock the room and leave a key - the map at the reception.
    It is advisable to welcome your guests in the hotel lobby.
    Please keep quiet between 2pm and 4pm and after 11pm.
    In case of gross violations of the internal order in the hotel, violation of the laws and legal order in the country, damage to the good name and prestige of the hotel, the owner has the right to terminate the relationship with guests and their stay in the hotel.